Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Want To Welcom Our Lovely Guest, What About You?

  •            By Hersh Seidgul
           Ramadan has finally come.  we have to be very grateful because we are almost in the Month of Ramadanit is the time in which we will be given a great chance to get God's mercyit is a time when all people have chance to invoke God to forgive themOf course, God's door will not be closed till the hereafter, but it is better for people not to lose this chance, Ramadan.  we have to ask God to forgive us and help us not to commit crimes.  we have to ask Him to show the right path; we have to ask Him to help US to Fast.  we have to ask Him to accept Our fasting.  w have to ask us Him to make us helpful and merciful.  we have to ask Him to make our hearts smooth and be patient during the holy month, which is Ramadan and after this holy month.  we have not forget that this month is the month of QuranQuran was sent to Our Prophet Peace Be Upon Him in this Month.  we also have to know that the charity- Xeru Xerat- which will be given to those people who will fast isn't determined- or devoted. we will be given more than what we are waiting for, hopefully. , No one knows how much the charity of Ramadan is, but God Almighty is the only one who knows it.
In the end, i hope all people will take the advantage of this month, and won't let this month go unless they get the mercy of God.
I hope God help us to be fast and help us be fast how He accepts.

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