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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Here Are Two New Ways to Help You Be Lucky and Happy.

Add to what I have published yesterday.

3. Today is your day, and you are living in today, so don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow. You are the human of today. You aren’t the owner of tomorrow, so don’t be the owner of tomorrow. Try to think that you are just living today, and you will die tomorrow. Try to concentrate on toady. Don’t spend even one minute unwisely because one minute has its own value: one hour consists of 60 minutes. If you take care of time like that, you will be whom you want. However, if you think about your past, you will lose today and your future. Try to have a plan for your future, but don’t die for it and don’t always live in it.

4. Try to be trustworthy because it is what you need. It helps you forget your problems. In the meanwhile, it helps you make fewer mistakes. I don’t say that if you are honest, you will never make mistakes because human beings deserve to make mistakes, but toy will make fewer mistakes. Therefore, the wisest and most rational person is a person who makes fewer mistakes than everyone else does, and whenever he makes a mistake, he will regret and invoke God to forgive him. So, if you can be trustworthy, you automatically become happy (God willing). Honesty is a gift that God gave you. Try to save it because it is disgraceful to lose any kind of gifts, especially a valuable one like honesty. Be thankful to the one who gave you it. Ok?

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