Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Your Worse Friend

Hersh Seidgul-
Is A Member of Changing People’s Attitude Toward Smoking- Anti Smoking.

         When I contemplate life, an interesting idea comes to my mind. The notion is: try to think that you are too old and don’t have any opportunities to change your life. There are some ways that are helpful, I think, to quit smoking. The best one ever is that can you change yourself and desires? You are still young today, so you can control yourself, but it becomes difficult to control yourself when you get old. Therefore, try to make modification and show that you are powerful.
         If you can make changes, it means that you are stronger than your behaviors and ambitions. You should also know that addiction isn’t controlled or manipulated your life, but you are the one who think it is addiction that controls your life. Stop, I don’t say that you are bad or good; that is why you should be changed, but what I said is that try to change from whom you have been before. Try to make a transition from being good to be bad if you think you are good, and try to be good if you or some people think you are bad.
         My brothers and sisters, who are smoking, please, try to examine this way. You are smoking, so try to alter it. If you think smoking is good, so it is good, but try to test yourself whether you can change it or not. The notion here isn’t whether smoking is good or bad, but it is whether you can control your desires or not. Are you stronger than your desires or not? So go and decide.
On the other hand, if you contemplate smoking is bad, it is better; just endeavor to modify this addiction. Try to tell yourself that it is a great time to change because you still have time, so take advantage of it. Don’t wait because waiting is not always good, but taking action is good, especially about changing.
          So, go and change from whom you have been; then you will see how powerful you are. You and your desires can be changed easily when you are a child, teenagers, or adult, but it becomes difficult day after day. Obviously, when you get old, it is difficult to come up with decisions easily. Therefore, you still have time to change "things", go and change.

               Finally, ask yourself whether you are stronger or your desires. If you can’t change something, it means that the weakest part of your body is stronger than the strongest part of you. My friends, please, don’t let your weak things control your life. You are stronger than what you think you are, but you have to trust yourself and try to get and change things confidently.

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