Monday, July 4, 2011


In The Name Of Allah

In The Name Of Allah

When I thought about my existence, an odd feeling came to me and told me,”Who are you? Why are you here? What is the goal of your existence? How would life look if you weren’t made? Have you done what you should have done? And many more questions.” Then I thought that I have to endeavor to answer the prior questions and many more. How so? Making a blog and sharing my ideas with people may be a great approach to try to get real and rational responses to the previous and many more questions.

On June, 30, 2011, I was in the Strant Hotel with some of my great friends. We were participating in a conference in Hawler. The mission of the conference I was participating in was to make active bloggers in Iraq. When I participated in the conference, I hadn’t had my own blog and hadn’t thought about it before. Then when I met active bloggers from different cities and towns in Iraq, a feeling of founding an independent and useful blog came to me. I said,” These people have their own blogs; why shouldn’t I have my own blog too? After thinking about it for a long time, I came to a decision that I must create my own blog and be an energetic blogger. Because I am interested in religion and want to show people some vital things about Islam, I decided to address my blog as “Islamic View”.

Here I want to thank those lovely people who helped me make my blog. Mr. Srush, an AUIS student, aided me a lot. I really appreciate it, and I am really grateful to him. Mr. Muhammed Babaker, an AUIS student, also helped me while creating my blog; therefore, I tend to think him and be thankful to his support.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my Islamic brothers and sisters, with our only God’s help, I will try to publish as much information about Islam as possible. I hope you can get benefits from the information that will be published in the future.

Overall, if there are any mistakes or misunderstanding in the articles which will be published in my blog, they will be derived from our unconscious and Satan; they won’t come from my religion because my religion is perfect.

By: Hersh Seidgul

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