Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pen & Gun

Pen & Gun

What a Pen Did Can Be Done by a Gun!

A few decades ago, people were proud of having a gun since gun did what it must have been done. Responsible and patriotic citizens were those who took the duty of protecting our society and defeating our foes. Our heroes went to the mountains and caves to strive against those who were against our existence. They did not want to see us being a nation; they even did not want to see live as a human being. They thought we were inferior to THEM. 

However, things were changed completely. We are very grateful. THANK GOD! There is no doubt that God helped us defeat our enemy and have gone another step closer to reach our dream.  The reason was Peshmarga, and Peshmarga used GUNS to go to battle and fought the enemies with their hearts. They could not have done it without guns. 

Does it mean that even today we need guns?
We still have the same goal, which is we want to be treated as a true citizens; and a true citizen is one who lives in a state. However, people say we are citizens now, but are we?
If yes, then where is our own state? 

That is what we are endeavoring for now. BUT, do we still have to hold guns?
The answer is NO. The age of using gun passed away. Now, our gun to fight our enemy is PEN. This is how I think: the only way nowadays to fulfill our aim is to educate ourselves. Pen is what we need now. AND, using pen is equivalent to education. Education is what brings success, and our success is to reach our dream!
Dears, most of us hold pens now, but we unfortunately do not know how to use it, we do not know where to write and what to write. We have a pen, but we need to know how a pen should be used unless we are still living in the age of using a gun without holding a gun.