Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Rore Of The Opposition Parties in The Recent Demonstration in Suli.

                             Who Caused the Recent Demonstration in Kurdistan?

Protest is an action that is usually taken by the mass. Protesters want to show the unfair deeds in their countries. Demonstration is a way that people take when they want to show governments what people's necessities are, and what governments must do for the mass. As you know, Kurdish people also took that way- protest- to show the government what unfair and biased actions are. On February, 17, 2011, a huge protest had taken place in Kurdistan. People had been trying force Kurdish government to end corruption and nepotism in Kurdistan. Although the protest was continued for more than two months, it was ceased. Our government brutally stopped demonstration in Suli. Recently, it has been said that the opposition Parties, especially Change Movement- Goran- were the main cause of the protest. They were the ones who triggered the demonstration. However, some people also said the Opposition Parties weren't the cause. People were angry at the government, so they showed their anger. Now, Here is Question for You: Do you think that the Opposition Parties caused the Recent Protest in Suli, or it was people's option?

 Please, Share Your perspective Freely.

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