Monday, July 18, 2011

Why Have Humans and Devils- Jni-Been Made?

Why have humans and Devils- Jni- been made?
By- Hersh Seidgul

Why have humans and devils been made is a question its answer is so easy, but unfortunately most of us don’t know it.  Why is it easy?  It is easy because there is a verse in Quran that answers this question perfectly.  In Qur’an, (Almighty) God says” I didn’t make humans and devils for any purpose except worshiping me”.  According to this verse, we can see that the purpose of creating God’s creatures is just to worship God.  We were created to worship Him.  God is the only one Who deserves to be worshiped.  We all have to worship him, but have we done it?  I will leave this question to you and ask you to answer this question.  Also, according to the previouse verse, we can figure out that the purpose of life is to worship God, only.  If we were created to worship God, the purpose of life is to worship Him. Therefore, the purpose of life and the purpose of creating creatures is just to worship God.

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  1. i dont forget i listen this verse from you in Erbil
    بارك الله بك