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Tomorrow is the 10th Muharram; What Is 10 Muharram? Why Is It a Great thought to Fast

Tomorrow is the 10th Muharram;  What Is 10 Muharram?
You may have heard 10 Muharram because there is not school, but you may not know what it really is.  Now, I will explain what 10 Muharram is.  You have heard the prophet Moses” Peace and mercy Allah be upon him”. Also, you know who the Pharaoh of Egypt was. As it is known, Moses had endeavored to make The Pharaoh to follow Islamic path, but we know he rejected it.  The Pharaoh said that he was a real god.  He coerced people to worship him.  The Prophet Moses did his best to convert him to Islamic religion, but because the Pharaoh was arrogant and selfish, he ignored the right path, which is Islam. Thankfully, God- Almighty rescued the Prophet.  How so?  God gave command to the prophet and his followers to leave Egypt, and they left Egypt.  When the Pharaoh of Egypt knew that the prophet and his followers run away from the country, the Pharaoh and his servants followed them. After that, the prophet and his friends knew they were followed by the pharaoh.  The prophet and his followers reached the Nile River; then they didn’t know what to do.  After awhile, The pharaoh and his brutal army were near to the prophet and his followers. The prophet invoked help of the God, and God answered his him and rescued the prophet and his followers. “God always supports the real Muslims.” “He will save you whenever you need His help if you worship Him honestly and rightfully.”  Then, Moses had a stick in his hand; he was told to hit the River by his stick.  When the Moses hit the water by his stick, the Nile River was divided to two parts, and then the prophet and his followers went to the other side of the River through very easily.  Then, the pharaoh and his servants went through the River.  Fortunately, while the Pharaoh and his servants were in the separated water, the prophet Moses was told to hit the water again, and he hit it; then the two parts of Nile River joined again while pharaoh and his army were inside the water.  Therefore, they were sunk.  All of them died in the Nile River.  This is how the Prophet Moses and his followers were rescued by God Almighty.  The day when the pharaoh and his servants were sunk is called 10 Muharram.  And, Tomorrow, is the 10th Muharram, which means the anniversary of the day when prophet Moses and his followers were rescued from the brutal.        
Dears, Don't be confused with what other are saying; Tomorrow is really the 10th Muharram.  if you fast tomorrow, you will be forgiven for what you have done in the one recent year, God willing, except the huge sins like Shirk- believing in more than one God.

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He Spoke Up In an American University in the State. Just Take a look.

I do believe that Everyone Must Look at this Video In order to learn”…………..” fill it out.
Have you ever encountered any situation in which people have called Islam- terrorists?  If you have, did you have any reaction?  Could you explain that Islam is against terrorists and does support peace?
Look, at an Iraqi student from one of the American Universities in the State.  Look at him and see how brave he is.  We usually hear people saying not only bad words, but the worst words about our religions- Islam, and still we are quite.  What are we waiting for?  Can’t we answer?  Or, don’t we want to answer whether because we don’t have a great deal of information about our religion or we are afraid of expressing the realities?   Come on, people????
We shouldn’t have been like that, and we shouldn’t be.  I have heard professors blaming Islam and almost everything what Islam agrees with.  I have also seen your reaction, which was “laughing.”  Why don’t you speak up?  I just want to know what you are waiting for.  Look at this guy, and learn how to speak against those people who can’t see your religion.

A Research Essay, Which Took Me Approximately 20 Days to Write.The Breeze of Pure Democracy.

The Breeze of Pure Democracy
Democracy is a word that no one can define perfectly, but we can describe it.  Therefore, I will do my best to describe the term of democracy in various ways in order to clarify it and make it a little bit understandable.  In addition, it is very natural that people have various perspectives about the form and description of democracy.  Some people say that it isn’t good to have democracy, whereas others say it is great to gain democracy.  For example, Plato, who was a Greek philosopher, asserted that it is not a good idea to have a democratic self-government because it can’t function well.  He illustrated that ordinary people don’t know how to govern a country because they don’t have widespread information about, laws, economy, and army policies, so they shouldn’t be a part of the government (Bramann 433).  However, I personally disagree with his idea because it isn’t convincing.  I think that it is vital and urgent to have democracy since it is apparently the best form of government.
Democracy has a lot of distinctive meanings according to different sources, but we have to know what the real definition of democracy is.  Oxford, which is a famous dictionary, says democracy is a form of government in which people have a voice in the exercise of power, while Longman, which is a popular dictionary, says democracy is a situation or system where everyone is equal and has the right to vote and make decisions.  Moreover, in order to gain a proper definition of democracy, we have to collect all of its definitions into one statement.  We should be grateful to Abraham Lincoln, who was one the famous presidents of America, because he gathered most of the elements of democracy in one sentence which is familiar to most of people in the world.  His nice definition of democracy was that a democratic government is, “Government of the people, by the people, for the people.”  This is the best definition of democracy because it incorporates the most necessary features of democracy.
It is not that easy to describe the term of democracy unless we know what the pillars of democracy are.  Mr. Howard Cincotta points out that democracy has 11 pillars that should exist in democratic governments.  He said, “The 11 pillars are sovereignty of the people, government based upon consent of the governed, guarantee of basic human rights, majority rule, minority rights, free and fair elections, equality before the law, due process of law, constitutional limits on government, social, economic, and political pluralism, and values of tolerance, pragmatism, cooperation, and compromise” (Cincotta 6-7).  What Mr. Cincotta said is the vital and essential pillars of the term of democracy.  In addition, the pillars of democracy tell us that the best type of government is a democratic one. That is why I said it is crucial to have democracy.  We can’t understand how powerful the word “democracy” is in order to give people welfare unless we know how we feel when we heard democracy.   
Some people describe democracy as an empty place, and they say if it isn’t empty, it is excessively dark; that is why it looks like an empty place.  It is unquestionable that many countries haven’t had a democratic government yet because they preferred other forms of governments, such as Monarchy, Aristocracy, Theocracy, and Dictatorship.  Those countries that chose one of the mentioned systems don’t have democracy, so the word democracy doesn’t exist or take any place there; that is why people call it an empty place.  For instance, Iran is a country that has a theocratic government.  The power of the country is in the hands of religious leaders.  Iranian people washed their hands of democracy because of the oppression of their theocratic leader, who is Ahmadi Nazad. Therefore, in Iran, democracy should be described as an unoccupied or dark place since it doesn’t exist at all.  
In conclusion, this description is adequate for someone who wants to fathom the term of democracy because it includes the most important and key components of the word democracy.  Please, in order to make sure that whether the essay is good or not, close your eyes and think about these approaching questions: how do you feel when you hear the word democracy?  What do you see when you hear democracy?  After thinking about the pillars of democracy, what do you think about this idea: democracy is the best type of government?  Because of the prior information and description, I can tell it is vital and integral to have democracy.
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Since it is a research essay, it took me approximately one month to write, but i don't regret spending my time writing this essay because i believe it is worth-doing.
                                                                                                           Author/ Hersh Seidgul