Friday, February 24, 2012

Have You Seen This Rope Before?

Have You Seen This Rope Before?

Dears, I want to introduce a simple, but very vital rope to you.  You may think it is not important, but actually it is very important for all to have an idea about this rope; because this rope was used to persecute 100s of Kurds in Abu Ghreb- a prison in Iraq.  
This rope which is presented here is a rope that was given as a gift to Amna Suraka, a place in Sulaimani where Kurdish people were punished and tortured.  This rope was used in Abu Ghreb prison to hang people, especially Kurds.  When people were arrested, they were taken to Abu Ghreb prison in order to be tortured or/and killed.  Those people who met this rope didn’t meet life anymore.  Do you know why?  because they were killed through hanging.  Their lives were ended!!!
When I see this rope, I remember those innocent people who were killed by it; I remember those innocent beautiful flowers who were hung because they were Kurdish. They had lost their lives before they met the beauty of life, the love of their moms and dads, the affection of their parents, the value of being a human, the right of being a free citizen, and they lost everything else.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ناوی مانگه‌کان و وه‌ رزه‌ کـــــــــانـــــی ساڵی کوردی

  ناوی مانگه‌کان و وه‌ رزه‌ کـــــــــانـــــی ساڵی کوردی

ده با هه‌ وڵده ین هه‌ مـووان     فێربین ناوی وه‌ رزه‌ کـــــــــان
بیزانین بۆ زانـین فــــه رزه‌     وه‌رزه‌کـانی سـاڵ چـوار وه‌رزه‌
یه که م به‌ هاردووه‌م هاوین    خودا وه‌های بۆ داناویــــــــــــن
سێیه‌ م پایز چواره‌م زستـان     بیان ناسه‌ له کوردستــــــــــــان
وه‌رزێ سێ مانگی ته واوه‌     ناگـۆڕێ و قــه‌ت نـــه‌گــۆڕاوه‌
مانگه‌کانـی به‌هــار جوانــه‌     نه‌ورۆز،گــوڵان،جۆزه‌ردانــــه‌
مانگه‌کانـی هاوین ببێـــــــژ    پوشپه‌ڕ، خه‌رمانان، گه‌لاوێـــــژ
پایز له‌یـــادمه‌ به‌ ئـــــــاوه‌ز    ڕه‌زبه‌ر،گه‌ڵاڕێزان،سه‌رمـاوه‌رز
زستان به‌فرانباری لێیــــــه‌     ڕێبه‌ندان و ڕه‌شـــــــه‌مێ یـــــــه‌
                                                                                                                                                                                ده‌رهێنه‌ر:(عبدالرحمن تاوه‌گۆزی) 

Monday, February 20, 2012

I don’t require you to give me any rights, but I do require you to give me back my rights.

My Dear Government:
I don’t require you to give me any rights, but I do require you to give me back my rights.
It is undeniable human beings have many rights that belong to them naturally.  When we are born, we are given many rights, such as the freedom of speech and the freedom of expressing thoughts. These rights have been given to us at the exact time when we are born or even previously; thus we are the owners of our rights, not the government. My rights aren’t something that have been provided by my government, but they are something I am born with at the birth time. However, we are Kurds living in Kurdistan; we have been deprived of our own rights ever since. My dear government and political parties have restricted our natural rights- the rights that we are born with. We have rights; we want to get our rights back as soon as possible.
For that reason, we don’t ask or require our government to give us any rights, but we only ask them to give us back our rights, we only ask them: Please, let us meet our own rights- the rights that we have right to have and to talk about.
Unfortunately, in this region- Kurdistan, we have lost our rights- well, it is not exactly like that, but our rights have been taken by someone who is called, “Dear Government”.  My dear government:  I have one message for you.  Please, try to understand it.
Here is the message:
Let people be free as we are free at the time of being born.
Don’t give people any rights, but Let them meet their own rights.
Let people be who they are
Don’t restrict people’s lives any more
And, don’t let others to devastate our country.
I am really wondering to know when you- My Dear Government- will let us be free, be the owners of our rights, be who we should be, and be  who we are.
You may be surprised when you read this article because we may think: it is not government that restricts peoples’ lives, but it is the political parties.  I know that is true. However, our government is run by our political parties; that is why I am calling them, “My dear Government,” rather than my dear Political Parties…….. Thank you!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why Are Disbelievers Rich? But, Muslims Mostly Poor!!! Does God Hate Muslims, but Loves Disbelievers?

Why Are Disbelievers Rich?  But, Muslims Mostly Poor!!! Does God Hate Muslims, but Loves Disbelievers?

In other words, when God makes a person rich, when God gives too much money to a person, when God makes a person very wealthy though he- the rich person- is disbeliever, does that mean God Loves him? 

Many people have complained although they believe in God and worship him, still they don’t have what disbelievers have, and they don’t enjoy life how disbelievers do. Dears, if we go back to Quran, we can get the answer, realize what the answer is.  I know you are Muslim, but poor.  Also, there are some people who don’t believe in God, but affluent. Dears, let’s take a look at Quran and see what it says.  In Sura Al-Zukhruf,/ Aya-33-35 /Juz 25

Had it not been that all people would become one community (of unbelievers), We might have given those who disbelieve in Ar-Rahman roofs of silver for their dwellings and (silver) stairs for mounting, (33) And doors (of silver) for their houses, (silver) couches for reclining, (34) And ornaments of gold. But all this would have been nothing but the vanity of this world. The Hereafter with your Lord is for those who take heed for themselves and follow the straight path. (35)

Therefore, being rich shouldn’t be the goal of our life because this life is too short to live for, but we should try to be rich in worshiping God for the Day of Judgment.  Why do we want to have a good but very short life here? 

This life is specifically for those who don’t care about the hereafter; they want to have everything here, and when they die, everything will be gone. However, Muslims have chosen the other life because it will be everlasting. I personally don’t sell the everlasting life by this short life. In fact, Muslims can have both this life and the hereafter. What they need is to care about what God told them through Quran, and how the prophet Muhammad (Pease be upon him) advised them to live in life. If we follow our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) completely, there is no doubt, we will have a good life here and in the hereafter.
God Bless All Muslims around the whole world. 

If I have said anything wrong, it is from Satan, not from my perfect Religion- Islam.

The Worst Risk Is not to Take One!

Unfortunately, being afraid of risk has been a living part of our nature ; in fact it has been a strong part of our daily life. When I encourage some one to do something, to try to invent a new machine, to share a new thought, to write a thoughtful and well-written article, and at least, to express his or her own notions, they say," We are afraid of that because it is risky." They are afraid of doing any thing new because they want to be protected from the future punishments; they are not ready to face any risks.  However, I do Believe: Not taking or Facing any risk is the Worst risk that has ever encountered the world.

I don't know why we have to be that frightened. We are afraid of every thing. yet we want to be active.  More surprisingly. we are afraid of telling the world what our own opinions are. it is not because we don't want to share our ideas with others, but it is because we are afraid of risky situations.  We don't want to touch any risky staff, yet, we call our selves STRONG.

Dears,  Let's do one thing together.  If we are supposed to do one thing collaboratively, let's break the rope of fear together, and let's not only be ready to face risks but try to face risks.  Facing risks shows power and success at the end of the day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two Beautiful Hadith from the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon him, enshallah)

In The Name Of Allah
Two Beautiful Hadith from the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon him, enshallah)
The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon him) said,” A Muslim is the one who avoids harming Muslims with his tongue and hands. And, a Muhajir is the one who gives up all what Allah- Almighty has forbidden.”

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon him) stated, ”Whoever amongst you notices something evil, should correct it with his hands, and if he is unable to do so, he should prohibit it with his tongue, and if he is unable to do that, he should at least consider it as bad in his heart; this is the lowest degree of faith.”  Sahih Muslim
Dears: Please, don’t forget what these two accurate Hadith are revealing.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Worst Year Ever

The Worst year ever
People have different ideas about the worst year that has ever happened in the history of human beings. But, without any hesitations and doubts, I can tell you which year is the worst year because it is obvious. Why is it clear to me but not for others? It is because I know what has happened in History.
I do believe that 1258 is the year that was marked in history as the worst year that has ever faced this world.  What made it the worst year? This is a great question. Let me clarify what happened in 1258. As it is known in history, Muslims have made one age, which is called “The Golden Age” that Muslims are proud of. The Abbasid Caliphate made the golden age.
Before 1258, Islam reached its apex, which was the most beautiful age of Islam. Why do we call it the Golden Age? It is Because, it was the year when the world saw the beautiful age of Islam. Islam had a lot of scholars; they did their best till they got the golden age. Also, there were many libraries that were the source of information for people.
However, in 1258, the golden age was over. Why? Unfortunately, in 1258, the Mongols attacked Baghdad, which was the center of intellectuals, destroyed everything. The troops of Mongols didn’t care about anything except killing people and devastating the Baghdad. Estimates of the number of inhabitants massacred during the invasion range from 100,000 to 1,000,000. The city was sacked and burned. History showed that the brutal troops of Mongol massacred too many people including those scholars who gave birth to the Golden Age. The killed people and threw them into the river till the color of the water was changed to red. Can you believe that?
Also, the Mongols destroyed all the libraries in Baghdad as I said.  Then they tore all the books, which were the source of information. They threw all the books including the valuable ones into the river; then the color of river was changed to blue because of the inks used to write the books.  Can you believe that?
Besides, the devastation of Golden Age hasn’t been recovered yet. This is another reason that marked 1258 the worst year.  Unfortunately, after 1258, Islam lost its golden age, and we have been trying to recover and get back our Golden Age, but Unfortunately, we haven’t reached that age.  That is why I am saying 1258 was, is, and will be the worst year ever.  Therefore, No one has tendency to see that year again.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


What is Trust? 
According to Oxford, Trust is the belief that some body/something is good, sincere, and honest,etc and won't try to harm or trick you. Unfortunately, many people don't know what trust is; even they don't care about it though trust is able to form an utopia and dystopia society.
Have you known that Trust is like a paper. Once it is crumpled, it can't be perfect any more. Therefore, we have to be careful with the term Trust. We have to play with it very cautiously. And, We must know: Once a person loses his or her trust, he is lost in every part.
it is indisputable that trust and life are inseparable; they can't be completed without each other. It is true that once a person loses his trust, he loses his life as well, and vice versa. For that reason, We Iraqi people most specifically Kurds must try to be trustworthy if we want to make our country Utopia. we should encourage people to trust us based on our loyalty, and we should trust others based on their honesty. we should keep our promise in order to be trustworthy. You should always remember that Life is interesting when people trust you; however, if others don't trust you, hell would be better than this life.
Trust is like a mirror; once it is broken, it is gone.  Therefore, we must protect it from being broken if we want to maintain the existence of trust in our heart and life.