Saturday, July 9, 2011

How can You Be Happy and Lucky?

9.     Try to be who you are; I mean don’t try to be or impersonate someone else because you are beautiful with your nature.  Don’t try to speak like me because my attributes and characteristics are different from yours.  Everyone has their own attributes and is handsome with whom they are.  It is very terrible trying to be like someone else because you can’t get his nature, and you may lose your personal nature too, which is a big disaster.   While you are going to get something, you will lose what you already have. Is it what you want?  So be happy with your natural personality and be aware of that you are unique.  You are able to do what other human beings are allowed to do.  What is the difference between you and the person whom you want to be similar to?  Be proud of yourself.  Dredge up” you are rare in the universe” and say that you are who you would like to be.

10.                       Don’t be pessimistic if a problem involves into your life.  As our ancestors said that after having a problem, you will get happiness. After starvation, you will get enough food to eat.  After climbing a mountain, you will go down easily.  For example, when our prophet, Muhammad,( peace be upon him) was compelled to leave Mecca, he left Mecca and departure to Medina.  Then, he was able to establish an Islamic authority. Therefore, his immigrating became very vital in the history.   Whenever and wherever you face a problem, try to tell yourself that you are stronger than it, the problem.  It- the problem can’t beat you, but you can beat it.  You can stop it, but it can’t trap you to fulfill your dreams and goals.  If you encounter your problems in this way, you will one %100 percent be successful and get your aims which are being lucky and happy.

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