Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saudi king: Women will be allowed to vote and run for office

Saudi king: Women will be allowed to vote and run for office

By the CNN Wire Staff
updated 1:06 PM EST, Sun September 25, 2011
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah says women will be allowed to run in council elections.
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah says women will be allowed to run in council elections.
  • Women will be allowed to take part in nominating candidates in elections, the king says
  • Women won't be voting until the next set of elections, which have yet to be scheduled
  • Thurday's elections will be only the second in nearly 50 years
  • "Women's voices will be heard finally," an activist says
(CNN) -- Women in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to vote and run for office in future municipal elections, King Abdullah announced Sunday.
In an address on Saudi state TV, the king said women will be allowed to nominate candidates for the next set of municipal elections. Although he did not use the word "vote," allowing women to take part in the nomination process would amount to voting within Saudi Arabia's system.
The country is holding municipal elections Thursday for the only the second time in nearly 50 years. The changes the king announced would go into effect for the next set of elections -- and it is unclear when those might take place.
Saudi women's rights activist Wajeha Al-Huwaider called the announcement "great news."
"Women's voices will be heard finally," she said. "Now it's time to remove other barriers like not allowing women to drive cars and not being able to function and live a normal life without a male guardian."
The White House also hailed the announcement.
"We welcome Saudi King Abdullah's announcement today that women will serve as full members of the Shura Council in the next session, and will have the right to participate in future elections," it said in a statement. "These reforms recognize the significant contributions women in Saudi Arabia make to their society and will offer them new ways to participate in the decisions that affect their lives and communities." The move, according to the White House, is "an important step forward in expanding the rights of women in Saudi Arabia."
King Abdullah's announcement followed increasing pressure on Saudi Arabia to allow women to vote.
"Since we reject to marginalize the role of women in the Saudi society, in every field of works, according to the (Islamic) Sharia guidelines, and after consultations with many of our scholars, especially those in the senior scholars council, and others, who have expressed the preference for this orientation, and supported this trend, we have decided the following," the king said, according to an English translation of his remarks released by the Saudi government.
First, he announced, women will be allowed to participate in the Shura council, the Consultative Council appointed by the king.
The U.S. State Department says there are already some women on the 150-member Consultative Council. In 2010, "the number of female advisers on the Consultative Council increased from 10 to 13," the U.S. State Department said in its human rights report on Saudi Arabia, citing "local sources."
The king also announced Sunday that, "As of the next session, women will have the right to nominate themselves for membership of Municipal Councils, and also have the right to participate in the nomination of candidates with the Islamic guidelines."
Elections for those councils were held in 2005 for the first time since 1963. Only men were eligible to vote, the U.S. State Department says.
Another set of elections was scheduled for 2009 but was delayed repeatedly -- ultimately being scheduled for this week.
Earlier this year, Saudi women activists wrote the government requesting that women be allowed to vote and be candidates in the municipal elections, according to the U.S. Library of Congress.
Saudi Arabia's "Minister of Municipality and Rural Affairs declared that Saudi women will not be able to either run or vote in this election," the Library of Congress reported on its blog. "According to news reports, the Minister stated that the ban on women's participation is due to the lack of segregated voting facilities."
When election centers opened in April for voters to register, some groups of women turned up and were turned away. It was one of the first public acts of the "Saudi Women Revolution," a movement set up to campaign for the end of Saudi Arabia's discriminatory laws.
In June, a number of Saudi women took to the streets -- in cars -- to demand the right for women to drive and travel freely in the country.
There are no specific traffic laws that make it illegal for women to drive in Saudi Arabia. However, religious edicts are often interpreted as a prohibition of female drivers. Such edicts also prevent women from opening bank accounts, obtaining passports or even going to school without the presence of a male guardian.
Authorities stopped Manal al Sharif, 32, for driving a car May 21 and detained her the next day. She said she was forced to sign a form promising not to drive again and spent a week in jail. Her case became a rallying cry for women activists.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What you and I need to be awar of is written here.

Try to know every one, but don't be friendly with all of them.  Try to be familiar with every place, but don't go or visit all the places.  Attempt to see every thing,  but don't believe in all what you see.  Listen to every one, but don't obey or follow all of them.  If you are about to die because of cold weather, don't wear the clothes of  dishonest people.  If you perish because of being thirsty, don't drink a kind of water that marginalizes you.  Even if you sink in river, don't go over the bridge of bad, dishonest, and selfish people.   When someone breaks your heart, don't break his or her heart  because no one can fix or solve a mistake by perfuming another mistake in return.  Don't let yourself laugh at people when they are crying, and don't let others laugh at you when you are crying.  Don't say a word toward someone if you don't want to be told that word." Treat Others As You Want Them To Treat You."   Don't take people's right, and don't allow people to take your right.  Don't reveal people's secrets, and don't let others reveal your secrets.  Try not to have a dream, which is impossible to fulfill.  Don't wait for the circumstances and events to change you, but you must change them how you want.Try to choose appropriate words and speech before you speak, and when you make a mistake while speaking, don't blame you thought because it isn't its false but yours because you didn't contemplate about it before saying.  Simultaneously, it is a good idea to get help when you are in need, but don't invoke of people's help because it is better to save your famousness and respect rather than getting people's help by invoking.  Don't accept help from someone who isn't a grateful person.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whether American Troops leave Iraq or not

Whether American Troops leave Iraq or not

Even though people have diffenrent opinions about this question- whether American troops leave Iraq, the answer is obvious.  The right and unstable is America won't leave Iraq.  Now, I am sure you are in hurry to know why American troops won't leave Iraq.  There are many factors that convice us American troops will remain in Iraq forever. 
The first reason is that Iraq has many owners including America.  We Iraqis know that America thinks it is the first owner of Iraq.  They have an excuse for their speech.  They say, "We American troops freed Iraq".  If we remember eight years ago, we were treated very harshly by Saddam; but the invation of Iraq ended Saddam's harsh and severe deeds toward Kurds. Now, America says that America got freedom for Iraq; therefore, they have right to stay in Iraq.  Some Americans even say Iraq should be joined to the USA because it is a place where America ended the power of dictatoship.  American troops got liberty for Iraq, especailly Kurds, so they have right to stay in  Iraq for internal.
The second reason is terrorists.  Terror is the idea of hurting people harshly.  It is the people's responsibilty to save their country from evey possible attacks.  For example, our country has faced many attacks that have been done by terrorists.  Terrorsits have attacked our lovely country- Iraq in various ways, such as explosion and kidnap. We need to stop this action somehow.  America says its trrops should stay in Iraq in order to stop and eradicate terror.  on the other hand, the prime minister of Iraq- Maleky is totally against this idea. Maleky says American troops must leave Iraq because there is a contract between Iraq and America. The contract says" the whole American troops must leave Iraq till the end of 2011.  But, again America says" we freed Iraq and won't leave it".  That is why Americans feel responsiblity to protect Iraq from internal and external attacks.
I will give you an example to clarify the second reason.  When a person is responsible to look after a family, he will do every suitable thing to save them and let them live cheerfully and safely because he is the one who is responsible to take care of the family members.  Meanwhile, America's attitude is like the person who is mentioned recently.  America says it is its responsiblity to protect Iraq from every potential dangers including terrorist attacks.  SO, IF protecting Iraq from every attacks is America's duty, they must stay in Iraq to fuifill this duty.
Indeed, i have said alot, but more hasn't been said.  In one sentence, according to my perspective, American troops won't leave Iraq forever because they think they own Iraq and are responsible to save it.

By- Hersh

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Get Your Answer For Three Questions That You May Not Have Thought About Before.

 It Is Time to Reveal Three Significant Questions.
1- From where did we come?
This is a question which should have been asked and answered many years ago, but it didn't.  Now you and I have been asked this question.  I will answer this question according to my knowledge.
Where were we two hundred years ago?
Tow hundred years ago, we weren't here and we weren't made.  But, where did we come?  Were we came form a drop of water.  Did you know we were  created from a drop of water?  You may ask: how is  it possible?  it is easier than how you think because it is God's decision.  We should know that whatever God wants to occur will occur in a second or less.  Therefore, human beings were created and came from a drop of water.
2- Why are we here?
it is also a vital question.  Its answer is very very easy, but it is difficult to apply for those people who haven't tasted Islam and worshiping God.  It is undeniable that the answer is: We are here to worship God.  If someone asks:  should we just worship God and do nothing else?  The answer is "Yes".  there is averse in Qur'an says" Humans and devils are made only to worship God-Almighty.  however, there is another crucial question: What is worshiping God?  Is it just praying and fasting in Ramadan?  the answer is "No".  Whatever you do for the sake of God is worshiping God. Also, what kinds of occupation you apply that God agrees with is worshiping God. So, don't marginalize worshiping God In Praying and fasting.  Worshiping God, which is the point of our existence and the answer of our second question, is any thing that is done for the sake of God and God lets you perfume.
3- Where are we going?
This question is the final question. the answer of this question is apparent and almost every one knows.  Where are we going? We are going to die.  We are going to leave this life.  We are going to leave what we have in this life. We are going to leave Our money, Property, Friends, Family members including our lovely moms and dads, and this life.  So, there is no doubt that we will leave every thing that we own.  That is why i say we shouldn't love this life because it will end in a point, but no one knows when, where, and how except God.
Where are we going after death?  We are going to the in the next life- Hereafter.  There will be two places: Paradise and Hell.  So, our final destination will be Paradise or Hell.  It is in our hands to choose each of them.  if you want to get Paradise, you must follow the right path, which is the path of Islam.  Nevertheless, if you want to get Hell, you can follow your path and the path of Satan- devils.

Forgive me if i made a mistake.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Banaz, who was another butterfly, was killed

Even though she killed herself, she was killed, in reality.  Most of us have heard the story of Dada Banaz Juad- a girl who was from Hawler.  Banaz was a girl who was living in Hawler. She was ecstatic because she graduated from an Administration department almost two years ago.  She was waiting to be employed and start her serve in her country.  After waiting for two years, she was sure that being an employed is just an unfulfillable dream.  Till a few days ago, she had a hope to be hired in an office or organization.  But, her dreams were gone when the names of new employees were declared.  When she knew her name was  again missing in  the list of employees, she decided to suicide herself.  She realized that death is better than living in a place where educated people don't deserve to be employed.  Before she was told that her name was missing in the list of new employees, she had had a few choices, such as life, death, non of them, or both of them.  however, then she lost all of her choices except one, which was death. In a recorder, she explained the reason of killing herself.  She clearly said that she doesn't have any domestic or social problem.  But, She washed her hands of being an employee and life, and she realized that life in grave is better than lives on earth because there is a fair rule in grave and Hereafter that isn't biased.  i am crying, but i am forcing myself to finish this nice but sad story. sorry mates, i can't write more about her heroic life, but i will reveal something else.  if you remember what i said in the beginning of this article, i said Banaz was killed- in reality.  how so?  when any sane and wise person hears or is told the story of Banaz's death, he or she will understand that Banaz neither killed herself in order to be comfortable,  nor did she want to make her poor mother sad and disappointed.  But, i am sure she didn't want to die or put herself on fire; she was forced to kill herself, which means she was killed.  who is responsible for her death?  it is obvious that our government is the first one who is responsible for her death.  why?  our government is responsible for giving jobs to those people who graduated from any official university or institutes. And, our government didn't give her any job after graduating for two years, so the consequence of Government's action is Banaz's story.  If she was hired, she wouldn't kill herself, but now every thing was gone.  Now, our government not only can't give a simple occupation to Banaz, but also they can't see her corpse because it was buried yesterday- 11/9/2011.   I invoke our government to think about the mystery of Banaz'a death.  I want to tell our government that if they don't solve this problem, which is ignoring educated and graduated people, the destination of other people will not be much different form Banaz's destination.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I don’t think there is a person whose mind is as busy as mine.

I don’t think there is a person whose mind is as busy as mine.                                                  

Sometimes, I can’t sleep because of my busy mind.  I know you now have a question: “what makes you busy? “ The answer of your question is easier than how you expect.  In Kurdistan, there are thousands of reasons that make people’s minds busy.  I can’t explain all of them because as I said they are almost countless.  Here, I will explain some vital reasons that have had bad effects on my lovely life and make me busier than usual.

1)  The first one is political reasons that have many different braches. 

The first branch is local problems.  Kurdistan has local problems that make troubles for the lives of people, especially poor people.  It is unquestionable that domestic issues make big problems for the residents living in their countries.  When those parties that run our countries have problems, of course, they become the source of problems for people in their regions.  Peoples’ minds can be made busy by those ideological differences.  Therefore, if our domestic governments don’t solve those problems that exist in our lives, we may not only be busy but be mad. 

The second one is neighboring countries.  Unfortunately, Kurdistan has some neighbors which have been trying to invade.  For example, Turkey is a neighbor of Kurdistan.  Turkey has made their strength better to invade our lovely country.  Their attacks have been ongoing to destroy Kurdistan’s nice views.  Even though they don’t say that their attacks are to conquer our country, their actions clearly tell us; wise people and honest politician can understand their deeds easily.  Therefore, this is another big factor that makes my mind busy.

Iran is another neighboring country that makes their power stronger to vanish Kurds and Kurdistan in the world.  Although this is an unsuccessful dream of Iran, it still makes me busy because I have thought about this situation a lot and have made me sad.  There is no doubt when a person thinks about problems which exists in their lives, he or she can’t be happy and live without thinking about the issues around him or her. That is why the attacks of our dishonest and neighboring countries have made my mind busy, unfortunately.

2)_I may explain the second reason in the following days.