Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Strange Feeling from the Deepest Part of my Hear says" Happy Eid" Eid mubarak

Happy Eid
Sometimes, we want to say something, but our feelings don’t let us because what we want to say about our friends is not enough to be said. Our feelings are stronger toward our friends.  Our feelings want to show more respect and revere to our friends.  They say that wanting to say good things about our lovely friends is not enough, but the warmest feeling that comes from our hearts may be great enough to display towards our companions. Therefore, a warm feeling from the deepest part of my heart comes and is in a hurry to say “Happy Eid” to you all-  Those who fasted for the sake of God.  I invoke God accepts our worship and protect us from Hell.  I want you all have a great time in the holy Eid.  Be happy with these days.  Please, try to visit those who you know including your relatives, friends and other Muslims.   If you don’t speak with someone because you fought with him or her, please, visit him or her for God’s sake.  Forgive him and her.  Then you will get the charity, God welling.    Again, be happy and remember what should be done in This Holy Eid.

Friday, August 12, 2011

What Month Is It?

The Month Of Change

We should take care of every second of this month because it is the holiest month among the twelve months.  It is the month of Quran.  It is the month of charity. It is the month of worshiping God.  It is the month of regretfulness. This month is the month of forgiveness, and this month is the month of coming back to Islam and Ask for God’s mercy. 
Please, Don’t Lose This excellent Chance .  
Sometimes, I think deeply, but I can’t get what I want while contemplating, but it is true when the opposite works.  When I don’t care about some thing in life, that thing becomes vital to me, but I don’t know why.  Things are changing around me, but in this point my responsibility becomes more than what I was waiting for.  As I mentioned, things are altering, but I have to be careful to know whether the changes are good or bad.  If I am a good person, I have to be careful in order not to change because I am good with my nature now.  However, if I am a bad person, I have to be happy with the changes that may occur in my poor life.  Bad actions should be changed to good if bad deserves to be good.

My Dears, you are just like me.  If you think you are a good person, let yourself go on, but if you think you are bad, this month is the month of change to be good and regret what bad deeds you have been doing I  your life.  My Darlings: there is an important point I want to mention; What is good and what is bad?  If you don’t know what good is, it is impossible to be good.  And, if you want to know what good is, you have to follow the rules of our holy religion, Islam.  Let me define Good how I know:  Good is any thing that God- Almighty- loves. Before doing any actions, think about it whether God agrees with the actions or not.  If God agrees with them, do them without any hesitatation because it is what good is.
Nevertheless, bad is any thing that God hates.  If you think that God doesn’t concur with your deeds, don’t do them because they may not be allowed. My Friends, try to get benefits from  Quran and The Speech of Our Prophet Muhammad(Peace and mercy be upon him) Hadith Sahih.  If you get the definition of good and bad from them, they will be perfect, and we will understand what good and bad are infallibly.

Finally, I desire to tell you that days and nights are going so fast.  We have to take care of them. We should think about ourselves to know whether we are doing what we are asked for or not.  Are we doing what we are created for?   I will leave this question openly to you.  If we haven’t done what we are asked for, still we have time to regret and ask for forgiveness.

Written by Hersh Saidgul