Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Want To Welcom Our Lovely Guest, What About You?

  •            By Hersh Seidgul
           Ramadan has finally come.  we have to be very grateful because we are almost in the Month of Ramadanit is the time in which we will be given a great chance to get God's mercyit is a time when all people have chance to invoke God to forgive themOf course, God's door will not be closed till the hereafter, but it is better for people not to lose this chance, Ramadan.  we have to ask God to forgive us and help us not to commit crimes.  we have to ask Him to show the right path; we have to ask Him to help US to Fast.  we have to ask Him to accept Our fasting.  w have to ask us Him to make us helpful and merciful.  we have to ask Him to make our hearts smooth and be patient during the holy month, which is Ramadan and after this holy month.  we have not forget that this month is the month of QuranQuran was sent to Our Prophet Peace Be Upon Him in this Month.  we also have to know that the charity- Xeru Xerat- which will be given to those people who will fast isn't determined- or devoted. we will be given more than what we are waiting for, hopefully. , No one knows how much the charity of Ramadan is, but God Almighty is the only one who knows it.
In the end, i hope all people will take the advantage of this month, and won't let this month go unless they get the mercy of God.
I hope God help us to be fast and help us be fast how He accepts.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Your Worse Friend

Hersh Seidgul-
Is A Member of Changing People’s Attitude Toward Smoking- Anti Smoking.

         When I contemplate life, an interesting idea comes to my mind. The notion is: try to think that you are too old and don’t have any opportunities to change your life. There are some ways that are helpful, I think, to quit smoking. The best one ever is that can you change yourself and desires? You are still young today, so you can control yourself, but it becomes difficult to control yourself when you get old. Therefore, try to make modification and show that you are powerful.
         If you can make changes, it means that you are stronger than your behaviors and ambitions. You should also know that addiction isn’t controlled or manipulated your life, but you are the one who think it is addiction that controls your life. Stop, I don’t say that you are bad or good; that is why you should be changed, but what I said is that try to change from whom you have been before. Try to make a transition from being good to be bad if you think you are good, and try to be good if you or some people think you are bad.
         My brothers and sisters, who are smoking, please, try to examine this way. You are smoking, so try to alter it. If you think smoking is good, so it is good, but try to test yourself whether you can change it or not. The notion here isn’t whether smoking is good or bad, but it is whether you can control your desires or not. Are you stronger than your desires or not? So go and decide.
On the other hand, if you contemplate smoking is bad, it is better; just endeavor to modify this addiction. Try to tell yourself that it is a great time to change because you still have time, so take advantage of it. Don’t wait because waiting is not always good, but taking action is good, especially about changing.
          So, go and change from whom you have been; then you will see how powerful you are. You and your desires can be changed easily when you are a child, teenagers, or adult, but it becomes difficult day after day. Obviously, when you get old, it is difficult to come up with decisions easily. Therefore, you still have time to change "things", go and change.

               Finally, ask yourself whether you are stronger or your desires. If you can’t change something, it means that the weakest part of your body is stronger than the strongest part of you. My friends, please, don’t let your weak things control your life. You are stronger than what you think you are, but you have to trust yourself and try to get and change things confidently.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Norway Was Shaked by A Blast

                                                                            It Was Written on July 23 2011
Norway Was Shaked by A Blast

               Iraq is not the only country whish has been attacked severely; Norway is another country which has been attacked many times.  Today, another severe attack was took place in Norway- OSLO.  There was a blast that was caused by a bomb.  Today, there was a big explosion in Norway in front of the Prime Minister’s building.  As it is implied, the explosion was an attempt to kill or at least to injure the Prime Minister.  Unfortunately, till now the reason of the blast isn’t clear.  We don’t know why the blast occurred.  What we know is that bloody blasts occurred; some have been killed, and many have been wounded due to the explosion.
                Despite of what happened in Norway, people call Norway a peaceful country.  What is here very surprising is that why does a blast happen in a country which is famous for being peaceful?

                The police in Norway believe that the blast was an terrorist attack.  They are not sure, but the first perspective that comes to them is that there are some people called terrorists behind the explosion.  Hopefully, every thing will be revealed in the near future.

This news is derived from CNN
By- Hersh Seidgul

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Rore Of The Opposition Parties in The Recent Demonstration in Suli.

                             Who Caused the Recent Demonstration in Kurdistan?

Protest is an action that is usually taken by the mass. Protesters want to show the unfair deeds in their countries. Demonstration is a way that people take when they want to show governments what people's necessities are, and what governments must do for the mass. As you know, Kurdish people also took that way- protest- to show the government what unfair and biased actions are. On February, 17, 2011, a huge protest had taken place in Kurdistan. People had been trying force Kurdish government to end corruption and nepotism in Kurdistan. Although the protest was continued for more than two months, it was ceased. Our government brutally stopped demonstration in Suli. Recently, it has been said that the opposition Parties, especially Change Movement- Goran- were the main cause of the protest. They were the ones who triggered the demonstration. However, some people also said the Opposition Parties weren't the cause. People were angry at the government, so they showed their anger. Now, Here is Question for You: Do you think that the Opposition Parties caused the Recent Protest in Suli, or it was people's option?

 Please, Share Your perspective Freely.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Why Have Humans and Devils- Jni-Been Made?

Why have humans and Devils- Jni- been made?
By- Hersh Seidgul

Why have humans and devils been made is a question its answer is so easy, but unfortunately most of us don’t know it.  Why is it easy?  It is easy because there is a verse in Quran that answers this question perfectly.  In Qur’an, (Almighty) God says” I didn’t make humans and devils for any purpose except worshiping me”.  According to this verse, we can see that the purpose of creating God’s creatures is just to worship God.  We were created to worship Him.  God is the only one Who deserves to be worshiped.  We all have to worship him, but have we done it?  I will leave this question to you and ask you to answer this question.  Also, according to the previouse verse, we can figure out that the purpose of life is to worship God, only.  If we were created to worship God, the purpose of life is to worship Him. Therefore, the purpose of life and the purpose of creating creatures is just to worship God.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

An Interesting Talk Will Be Said Tonight.

By- Hersh Seidgul

Ladies and gentlemen, Tonight will be different for most of us; how so?  there will be a stimulating lecture in KNN.  Nawshirwan Mustafa-  the one who founded Change Party- will be talking in the KNN Chenal at 9:20.  The conversation will be about the the area of plitics in Kurdisatn; and the program is called Face to Face- Rubaru. If you want to enrich your information about the realm of Ploitics in Kurdistan, you will have to watch the program.   Have a nice time with the meeting.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Iranian Troops and Our lovely country; What Will Occur?

Iranian Troops and Our lovely country; What Will Occur?

By- Hersh Seidgul

I have been sad since I knew the bombardment of Iran to the borders of Kurdistan has been ongoing and unfortunately getting worse.  When Iran the first time bombarded the borders of Kurdistan, I wasn’t that anxious and sad because I said to myself,” the bombardment won’t last for many days, and it will end soon.” I evaded the reality.  I endeavored to tempt myself to believe in something which isn’t sincere at all.  Anyway, the thought that I had a few years ago was changed today when Iran decided to bring soldiers to the borders of our lovely country.  Till today, Iran have bombarded Kurdistan borders, but its troops may come to Kurdistan in the forthcoming days.  What will happen when Iranian troops come to Kurdistan borders? I will leave this question openly to you.  Please, share your ideas and answer the question.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Great News For the Employees in Iraq

Luckily, tomorrow will be an official holiday.  You may not know the reason, but you are happy because you have a day off.   Nevertheless, don’t be upset because I will tell you why tomorrow will be a holiday.  On July 14, 2011, there was an uprising in Iraq against the power of monarchy.  Till July 14, 2011, Iraq had a monarchic authority.  The kings and the queens- sovereign- were the first and most powerful people in Iraq.  However, on July 14, 2011, the system of authority was changed and a new system was born.  After the uprising and ousting the power of monarchy, a republican system was born.  Then Iraq has become a developed country, so the economy, health, agriculture, and education have enhanced.  Therefore, our lovely country has improved in many different areas, and the result of that day is today.  Brothers and Sisters, that is why tomorrow will be an official holiday.

By- Hersh Seidgul

Being Poor and Rich; Paradise & Hell

The Majority of Those People Who Will Be Given Paradise Are Poor

By- Hersh Seidgul
I was shocked when I saw a child in Hewler throwing litter and rubbish away.  When I saw this event, I couldn’t wait speaking with him.  Directly, I went to him and asked,” Can I take a picture of you?” He dramatically became nervous and poorly said, “Why do you want to take a picture of me?” I replied by saying,” I want to publish a picture of you while working on the street.  I want to show people how terrible and difficult your live is.”  Then he was surprised and became preoccupied with his internal thoughts.  After that, he agreed and let me take a picture of him.  I took a picture of him while throwing litter away on the street. 

First, I was sorry for him and I pitied him.  When I thought about paradise and hell, however, everything about the child in my mind was changed.  I remembered that the majority of those people who will be in paradise are poor, and the child hopefully will be one of them.  The child is poor in this short life, but he may have a great life and be given paradise in the hereafter. After that, I didn’t pity the child any more, but myself.  I said that this child will get what precious and valuable thing is, but I may not.  He is poor, so he has more opportunity to get paradise, but I don’t.  Therefore, from now on, I pity myself and those people who are rich. Many of those people who don’t care about God are rich people, not poor. So, rich people have less chances to be given paradise.

I know the child’s life is terrible now, but I am happy because his future might be bright.  He may be cheerful in the Day of Judgment because he is poor in this life.  He may easily pass from the test in the Day of Judgment.  Nevertheless, what about those people who are rich and don’t give to charity from their properties.   They don’t help poor people.  They love life a lot, but don’t care about the masses.  The child I saw is lucky because he is poor, and hopefully he will be given paradise.  

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The last two ways that may help you to be happy and lucky. Read them as careful as you can, please.

11.                      A clever person is someone who can eradicate his problems utterly and can be optimistic for everything in life.  However, when you have a problem, don’t let the problem be the source of some more problems because if you let, a lot of problems will gather.  Then you can’t manage to handle them because you couldn’t solve a problem already, how can you resolve a state of troubles together and simultaneously? In the meanwhile, you will lose happiness, and you will sing in the realm of sorrow and grief. Can you be happy or lucky while you are swimming in the river of problems?

12.                      Whenever God takes anything from you away, He will give you one thing which is better than what you lost if you remain patient, tolerant, and grateful toward God’s decision(God welling).  So, if you lose something, don’t be unhappy because you will be given a better thing.  Let me ask you a question: what will you get if you become unhappy for losing something?  Will you get it back which is incredible? Of course, no.  Be grateful if you get something or lost something because it is your fatalism while you can’t change it.  Also, you will not live forever; so why should you save what you get in your life?   Be happy, and luck will come.


My loyal friends, these ways, which I have just illustrated, are some crucial methods that may help you to be happy and lucky in life.  If you pursue them, I think they are able to help you be whom you want. Also, it is natural if you don’t concur with these concepts.  However, you should have better ideas to be lucky and happy.  Please, if you have, let us know because we need to find the best way to be happy and lucky.  In the end, I just want to say that if I said anything wrong, it is my mistake, and it comes from Satan. However, it doesn’t come from my religion because my religion is accurate.  Forgive me and my mistakes; I have a great respect for all of you. Be happy and Lucky, Ok?

Hersh Seidgul Abdullah, a student at the American University of Iraq- Suli.

A New Independent State was Announced Today

A New Independent State was Announced Today
It is countries’ dream to be independent; that is why the South of Sudan had been trying to get its independence ever since. The South of Sudan became independent today. The South of Sudan’s dream was finally fulfilled. Its dream, which was being independent, was recently announced. It is completely independent.  It has its special constitution, which was accepted by Perelman.  We should also know who the president of New Independent State is; Omar Basher is the president of this new independent state.  Because of its independence, people are really happy.  They, those people who are living in the South of Sudan, are absolutely ecstatic.  They have wanted to be independent ever since, and their dream and goal was reached a few hours ago.
What is important here is that Sudan asserted the South of Sudan is independent and is not a dependent par of Sudan any more.  Now, we can call Sudan as an independent state because it is undeniably self-governing.  They are the owners of their country, they are the owners of their government, and they are the ones who can decide what to do for their country.
I personally want to tell them” Congratulations”.  I am happy because they became free a few hours ago.  They had been suffering for many years, but the oppression had almost gone.  Now, they are sovereign.  I think people should be happy by this decision, the Independence of South of Sudan because they deserve to be independent. I wish I could participate in their parties, celebrations, and ceremonies.
By Hersh Seidgul

How can You Be Happy and Lucky?

9.     Try to be who you are; I mean don’t try to be or impersonate someone else because you are beautiful with your nature.  Don’t try to speak like me because my attributes and characteristics are different from yours.  Everyone has their own attributes and is handsome with whom they are.  It is very terrible trying to be like someone else because you can’t get his nature, and you may lose your personal nature too, which is a big disaster.   While you are going to get something, you will lose what you already have. Is it what you want?  So be happy with your natural personality and be aware of that you are unique.  You are able to do what other human beings are allowed to do.  What is the difference between you and the person whom you want to be similar to?  Be proud of yourself.  Dredge up” you are rare in the universe” and say that you are who you would like to be.

10.                       Don’t be pessimistic if a problem involves into your life.  As our ancestors said that after having a problem, you will get happiness. After starvation, you will get enough food to eat.  After climbing a mountain, you will go down easily.  For example, when our prophet, Muhammad,( peace be upon him) was compelled to leave Mecca, he left Mecca and departure to Medina.  Then, he was able to establish an Islamic authority. Therefore, his immigrating became very vital in the history.   Whenever and wherever you face a problem, try to tell yourself that you are stronger than it, the problem.  It- the problem can’t beat you, but you can beat it.  You can stop it, but it can’t trap you to fulfill your dreams and goals.  If you encounter your problems in this way, you will one %100 percent be successful and get your aims which are being lucky and happy.

Monday, July 4, 2011

7. Try to make people happy. Tell them good but true things that can make them cheerful. Do you know why? Because if you make someone happy, you will be happy as well because when you make someone happy, he will make someone else happy and this person will make another person happy. Therefore, happiness will spread in your country, and then in the world. When everyone becomes cheerful, you become cheerful as well; that is why I said” If you make a person happy, you will be happy simultaneously. My friends, follow this approach, then we will kill violence together, and we will be lucky, too. Gandhi was one of the most rational men in his century. His approach to change the world was standing against violence. He loved peace and sacrificed himself for the sake of peace and teaching people the power of peace, and he died for peace as well. He sometimes tried to make people, even children happy. Why? What do you think? Why did he perfume it? …………….happiness could help him spread peace. Happiness urges you and me be lucky. If you don’t believe in this way, ignore this way, but please, practice and train this way before coming up with you decision in order to make a fair decision.

8. Try to use and occupy your free time rationally. It is obvious that free time needs to be occupied somehow because if you don’t fill your free time, it will make problems to you. When you have problems, you won’t be happy or lucky meaningfully. Also, when you have free time, you may talk about someone which is gossip, Buxtian. It is a big taboo and transgression. So, try to love your time. Don’t waste one minute because when you lose one minute, then you lose one hour and two hours….etc. try to thank God and think about those things He gave us and gives us and will give us. Try to fill yourself with great books and read them as careful as you can. Try to dedicate and devote a special time for reading because it helps you enhance your background knowledge and not to have free time, which is the source of various problems. If you pursue this method, hopefully you will be cheerful and lucky.
More reasons are on the way; wait to get them.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Two effective and new ways to be happy.....

Take a look and judge the written whether it is helpful or not

5. Don’t try to change fatalism because your ability is limited. It means you aren’t able to do a sort of things like changing your fatalism. Don’t attempt to go before events because it is impossible; “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched”. For example, can you pick up fruits from a tree if the fruits haven’t been ripe yet? Can you help a woman to give birth before her normal time comes to give a birth? The answers are no. So, why are being busy and preoccupied with some things that aren’t under your control and power? Be happy with what you have and try to obtain those things that you would like, but in a legal and appropriate way. My friends, being happy helps you to be lucky. Was it familiar to you before?

6. If you help someone, don’t wait for him to thank you because if he thanks you, it means that you don’t help him because you are given your aid and credit back by his thankfulness. Also, if you are waiting for his thankfulness, you don’t help him for the sake of God, but for the sake of your benefits that people call you” he is a good and kind man” . There is another important question which is: what if he even doesn’t thank you. Will you give up helping people or not? You may no longer help anyone else because you don’t get what you are waiting for. So, help people for the sake of God (Almighty); then you will be happy, and luck, of course, will come to you. If you don’t believe, please just test and examine this way, and then you will find what the truth is.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Here Are Two New Ways to Help You Be Lucky and Happy.

Add to what I have published yesterday.

3. Today is your day, and you are living in today, so don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow. You are the human of today. You aren’t the owner of tomorrow, so don’t be the owner of tomorrow. Try to think that you are just living today, and you will die tomorrow. Try to concentrate on toady. Don’t spend even one minute unwisely because one minute has its own value: one hour consists of 60 minutes. If you take care of time like that, you will be whom you want. However, if you think about your past, you will lose today and your future. Try to have a plan for your future, but don’t die for it and don’t always live in it.

4. Try to be trustworthy because it is what you need. It helps you forget your problems. In the meanwhile, it helps you make fewer mistakes. I don’t say that if you are honest, you will never make mistakes because human beings deserve to make mistakes, but toy will make fewer mistakes. Therefore, the wisest and most rational person is a person who makes fewer mistakes than everyone else does, and whenever he makes a mistake, he will regret and invoke God to forgive him. So, if you can be trustworthy, you automatically become happy (God willing). Honesty is a gift that God gave you. Try to save it because it is disgraceful to lose any kind of gifts, especially a valuable one like honesty. Be thankful to the one who gave you it. Ok?

How Can You Be Lucky and Happy?

Written on Friday, July 1, 2011

How Can You Be Lucky and Happy?

How Can You Be Lucky and Happy?

By Hersh Siedgul

My friends, I am going to explain and clarify some ways to be happy and lucky. There are so many ways that hopefully may be able to make people happy even if you confront the most difficult problems in the world. These ways that I am about to explain are enough to get happiness and luck if you pursue and abide. Let us read them as careful as we can. Let’s live in a world where everyone can’t find. The world which I mean isn’t hidden, but we still can’t see it. Let’s uncover this blanket that covers our eyes, our mind, our ability, our visual, and our hearts to see this world that has been hidden in front of our naked eyes.

(Try to get benefits and lessons from your past and be serious and warm in your present and be optimistic in your future.)

There are 12 approaches that may aid you to be lucky and happy. Every day, I will try to publish two of them. Here is the two this is published now.

1. You are human beings. Who created you and provide you everything? Think about Him and thank Him. Be grateful for your services because He is the one who can do what He wants. Think about your eyes, ears, nose, and skin. Who gave them to you? How do you feel if you were deaf or blind for a century, and then God gives you ears and eyes? I know you can’t even think about this circumstance because it is more cheerful than you expect and exceed your expectation. Also, are you ready to sell one of your eyes by one billion dollars? Are you ready to exchange your tongue with the whole world? I know the answer because we all have the same answer. So be thankful and happy in your life. Even if you lose something or encounter some hardships, be strong and try to make your face happy. Then you will be lucky as well.

2. You have to know that your past is just experience. However, if you are still alive in the past, you will lose all of your ambitions and your now days. Try not to think about your past till you need to dredge it up for precious situations. You can’t change how your past life was, so let it go. (Can you return a tear when it came out from your eyes? Can you return a child to a woman’s body when he was born? If the answers are yes, think about your past and live in your past; you don’t need to think about present and future. However, If the answers are no as they should be, forget your past and your problems that you had ever faced, but get the lessons, messages from your mistakes. If you make a mistake one time, it is natural, but if you make the same mistake more than one time, you are pathetic and should be changed somehow. If you can forget your past years in where and how you made a mistake, you can be upbeat and who you wish to be. Try not to repeat them one more time. Hence, don’t let your past kill your ambitiousness and force you to be pessimistic. Try to contemplate and live in present. Be happy with what you have now- in the present and do your best to save them.

What We Don't Think About Is

Life and Death

Life and Death

What is life, and what is death? These two crucial questions will be explained in the near future. Please, wait and be enthusiastic to get rational answers for the previous questions.
By: the author of the blog


In The Name Of Allah

In The Name Of Allah

When I thought about my existence, an odd feeling came to me and told me,”Who are you? Why are you here? What is the goal of your existence? How would life look if you weren’t made? Have you done what you should have done? And many more questions.” Then I thought that I have to endeavor to answer the prior questions and many more. How so? Making a blog and sharing my ideas with people may be a great approach to try to get real and rational responses to the previous and many more questions.

On June, 30, 2011, I was in the Strant Hotel with some of my great friends. We were participating in a conference in Hawler. The mission of the conference I was participating in was to make active bloggers in Iraq. When I participated in the conference, I hadn’t had my own blog and hadn’t thought about it before. Then when I met active bloggers from different cities and towns in Iraq, a feeling of founding an independent and useful blog came to me. I said,” These people have their own blogs; why shouldn’t I have my own blog too? After thinking about it for a long time, I came to a decision that I must create my own blog and be an energetic blogger. Because I am interested in religion and want to show people some vital things about Islam, I decided to address my blog as “Islamic View”.

Here I want to thank those lovely people who helped me make my blog. Mr. Srush, an AUIS student, aided me a lot. I really appreciate it, and I am really grateful to him. Mr. Muhammed Babaker, an AUIS student, also helped me while creating my blog; therefore, I tend to think him and be thankful to his support.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my Islamic brothers and sisters, with our only God’s help, I will try to publish as much information about Islam as possible. I hope you can get benefits from the information that will be published in the future.

Overall, if there are any mistakes or misunderstanding in the articles which will be published in my blog, they will be derived from our unconscious and Satan; they won’t come from my religion because my religion is perfect.

By: Hersh Seidgul