Saturday, July 9, 2011

The last two ways that may help you to be happy and lucky. Read them as careful as you can, please.

11.                      A clever person is someone who can eradicate his problems utterly and can be optimistic for everything in life.  However, when you have a problem, don’t let the problem be the source of some more problems because if you let, a lot of problems will gather.  Then you can’t manage to handle them because you couldn’t solve a problem already, how can you resolve a state of troubles together and simultaneously? In the meanwhile, you will lose happiness, and you will sing in the realm of sorrow and grief. Can you be happy or lucky while you are swimming in the river of problems?

12.                      Whenever God takes anything from you away, He will give you one thing which is better than what you lost if you remain patient, tolerant, and grateful toward God’s decision(God welling).  So, if you lose something, don’t be unhappy because you will be given a better thing.  Let me ask you a question: what will you get if you become unhappy for losing something?  Will you get it back which is incredible? Of course, no.  Be grateful if you get something or lost something because it is your fatalism while you can’t change it.  Also, you will not live forever; so why should you save what you get in your life?   Be happy, and luck will come.


My loyal friends, these ways, which I have just illustrated, are some crucial methods that may help you to be happy and lucky in life.  If you pursue them, I think they are able to help you be whom you want. Also, it is natural if you don’t concur with these concepts.  However, you should have better ideas to be lucky and happy.  Please, if you have, let us know because we need to find the best way to be happy and lucky.  In the end, I just want to say that if I said anything wrong, it is my mistake, and it comes from Satan. However, it doesn’t come from my religion because my religion is accurate.  Forgive me and my mistakes; I have a great respect for all of you. Be happy and Lucky, Ok?

Hersh Seidgul Abdullah, a student at the American University of Iraq- Suli.

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