Monday, July 4, 2011

7. Try to make people happy. Tell them good but true things that can make them cheerful. Do you know why? Because if you make someone happy, you will be happy as well because when you make someone happy, he will make someone else happy and this person will make another person happy. Therefore, happiness will spread in your country, and then in the world. When everyone becomes cheerful, you become cheerful as well; that is why I said” If you make a person happy, you will be happy simultaneously. My friends, follow this approach, then we will kill violence together, and we will be lucky, too. Gandhi was one of the most rational men in his century. His approach to change the world was standing against violence. He loved peace and sacrificed himself for the sake of peace and teaching people the power of peace, and he died for peace as well. He sometimes tried to make people, even children happy. Why? What do you think? Why did he perfume it? …………….happiness could help him spread peace. Happiness urges you and me be lucky. If you don’t believe in this way, ignore this way, but please, practice and train this way before coming up with you decision in order to make a fair decision.

8. Try to use and occupy your free time rationally. It is obvious that free time needs to be occupied somehow because if you don’t fill your free time, it will make problems to you. When you have problems, you won’t be happy or lucky meaningfully. Also, when you have free time, you may talk about someone which is gossip, Buxtian. It is a big taboo and transgression. So, try to love your time. Don’t waste one minute because when you lose one minute, then you lose one hour and two hours….etc. try to thank God and think about those things He gave us and gives us and will give us. Try to fill yourself with great books and read them as careful as you can. Try to dedicate and devote a special time for reading because it helps you enhance your background knowledge and not to have free time, which is the source of various problems. If you pursue this method, hopefully you will be cheerful and lucky.
More reasons are on the way; wait to get them.

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