Saturday, July 9, 2011

A New Independent State was Announced Today

A New Independent State was Announced Today
It is countries’ dream to be independent; that is why the South of Sudan had been trying to get its independence ever since. The South of Sudan became independent today. The South of Sudan’s dream was finally fulfilled. Its dream, which was being independent, was recently announced. It is completely independent.  It has its special constitution, which was accepted by Perelman.  We should also know who the president of New Independent State is; Omar Basher is the president of this new independent state.  Because of its independence, people are really happy.  They, those people who are living in the South of Sudan, are absolutely ecstatic.  They have wanted to be independent ever since, and their dream and goal was reached a few hours ago.
What is important here is that Sudan asserted the South of Sudan is independent and is not a dependent par of Sudan any more.  Now, we can call Sudan as an independent state because it is undeniably self-governing.  They are the owners of their country, they are the owners of their government, and they are the ones who can decide what to do for their country.
I personally want to tell them” Congratulations”.  I am happy because they became free a few hours ago.  They had been suffering for many years, but the oppression had almost gone.  Now, they are sovereign.  I think people should be happy by this decision, the Independence of South of Sudan because they deserve to be independent. I wish I could participate in their parties, celebrations, and ceremonies.
By Hersh Seidgul

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