Monday, July 4, 2011

How Can You Be Lucky and Happy?

Written on Friday, July 1, 2011

How Can You Be Lucky and Happy?

How Can You Be Lucky and Happy?

By Hersh Siedgul

My friends, I am going to explain and clarify some ways to be happy and lucky. There are so many ways that hopefully may be able to make people happy even if you confront the most difficult problems in the world. These ways that I am about to explain are enough to get happiness and luck if you pursue and abide. Let us read them as careful as we can. Let’s live in a world where everyone can’t find. The world which I mean isn’t hidden, but we still can’t see it. Let’s uncover this blanket that covers our eyes, our mind, our ability, our visual, and our hearts to see this world that has been hidden in front of our naked eyes.

(Try to get benefits and lessons from your past and be serious and warm in your present and be optimistic in your future.)

There are 12 approaches that may aid you to be lucky and happy. Every day, I will try to publish two of them. Here is the two this is published now.

1. You are human beings. Who created you and provide you everything? Think about Him and thank Him. Be grateful for your services because He is the one who can do what He wants. Think about your eyes, ears, nose, and skin. Who gave them to you? How do you feel if you were deaf or blind for a century, and then God gives you ears and eyes? I know you can’t even think about this circumstance because it is more cheerful than you expect and exceed your expectation. Also, are you ready to sell one of your eyes by one billion dollars? Are you ready to exchange your tongue with the whole world? I know the answer because we all have the same answer. So be thankful and happy in your life. Even if you lose something or encounter some hardships, be strong and try to make your face happy. Then you will be lucky as well.

2. You have to know that your past is just experience. However, if you are still alive in the past, you will lose all of your ambitions and your now days. Try not to think about your past till you need to dredge it up for precious situations. You can’t change how your past life was, so let it go. (Can you return a tear when it came out from your eyes? Can you return a child to a woman’s body when he was born? If the answers are yes, think about your past and live in your past; you don’t need to think about present and future. However, If the answers are no as they should be, forget your past and your problems that you had ever faced, but get the lessons, messages from your mistakes. If you make a mistake one time, it is natural, but if you make the same mistake more than one time, you are pathetic and should be changed somehow. If you can forget your past years in where and how you made a mistake, you can be upbeat and who you wish to be. Try not to repeat them one more time. Hence, don’t let your past kill your ambitiousness and force you to be pessimistic. Try to contemplate and live in present. Be happy with what you have now- in the present and do your best to save them.

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