Monday, July 25, 2011

Norway Was Shaked by A Blast

                                                                            It Was Written on July 23 2011
Norway Was Shaked by A Blast

               Iraq is not the only country whish has been attacked severely; Norway is another country which has been attacked many times.  Today, another severe attack was took place in Norway- OSLO.  There was a blast that was caused by a bomb.  Today, there was a big explosion in Norway in front of the Prime Minister’s building.  As it is implied, the explosion was an attempt to kill or at least to injure the Prime Minister.  Unfortunately, till now the reason of the blast isn’t clear.  We don’t know why the blast occurred.  What we know is that bloody blasts occurred; some have been killed, and many have been wounded due to the explosion.
                Despite of what happened in Norway, people call Norway a peaceful country.  What is here very surprising is that why does a blast happen in a country which is famous for being peaceful?

                The police in Norway believe that the blast was an terrorist attack.  They are not sure, but the first perspective that comes to them is that there are some people called terrorists behind the explosion.  Hopefully, every thing will be revealed in the near future.

This news is derived from CNN
By- Hersh Seidgul

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