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Two effective and new ways to be happy.....

Take a look and judge the written whether it is helpful or not

5. Don’t try to change fatalism because your ability is limited. It means you aren’t able to do a sort of things like changing your fatalism. Don’t attempt to go before events because it is impossible; “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched”. For example, can you pick up fruits from a tree if the fruits haven’t been ripe yet? Can you help a woman to give birth before her normal time comes to give a birth? The answers are no. So, why are being busy and preoccupied with some things that aren’t under your control and power? Be happy with what you have and try to obtain those things that you would like, but in a legal and appropriate way. My friends, being happy helps you to be lucky. Was it familiar to you before?

6. If you help someone, don’t wait for him to thank you because if he thanks you, it means that you don’t help him because you are given your aid and credit back by his thankfulness. Also, if you are waiting for his thankfulness, you don’t help him for the sake of God, but for the sake of your benefits that people call you” he is a good and kind man” . There is another important question which is: what if he even doesn’t thank you. Will you give up helping people or not? You may no longer help anyone else because you don’t get what you are waiting for. So, help people for the sake of God (Almighty); then you will be happy, and luck, of course, will come to you. If you don’t believe, please just test and examine this way, and then you will find what the truth is.

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