Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Being Poor and Rich; Paradise & Hell

The Majority of Those People Who Will Be Given Paradise Are Poor

By- Hersh Seidgul
I was shocked when I saw a child in Hewler throwing litter and rubbish away.  When I saw this event, I couldn’t wait speaking with him.  Directly, I went to him and asked,” Can I take a picture of you?” He dramatically became nervous and poorly said, “Why do you want to take a picture of me?” I replied by saying,” I want to publish a picture of you while working on the street.  I want to show people how terrible and difficult your live is.”  Then he was surprised and became preoccupied with his internal thoughts.  After that, he agreed and let me take a picture of him.  I took a picture of him while throwing litter away on the street. 

First, I was sorry for him and I pitied him.  When I thought about paradise and hell, however, everything about the child in my mind was changed.  I remembered that the majority of those people who will be in paradise are poor, and the child hopefully will be one of them.  The child is poor in this short life, but he may have a great life and be given paradise in the hereafter. After that, I didn’t pity the child any more, but myself.  I said that this child will get what precious and valuable thing is, but I may not.  He is poor, so he has more opportunity to get paradise, but I don’t.  Therefore, from now on, I pity myself and those people who are rich. Many of those people who don’t care about God are rich people, not poor. So, rich people have less chances to be given paradise.

I know the child’s life is terrible now, but I am happy because his future might be bright.  He may be cheerful in the Day of Judgment because he is poor in this life.  He may easily pass from the test in the Day of Judgment.  Nevertheless, what about those people who are rich and don’t give to charity from their properties.   They don’t help poor people.  They love life a lot, but don’t care about the masses.  The child I saw is lucky because he is poor, and hopefully he will be given paradise.  

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