Friday, February 24, 2012

Have You Seen This Rope Before?

Have You Seen This Rope Before?

Dears, I want to introduce a simple, but very vital rope to you.  You may think it is not important, but actually it is very important for all to have an idea about this rope; because this rope was used to persecute 100s of Kurds in Abu Ghreb- a prison in Iraq.  
This rope which is presented here is a rope that was given as a gift to Amna Suraka, a place in Sulaimani where Kurdish people were punished and tortured.  This rope was used in Abu Ghreb prison to hang people, especially Kurds.  When people were arrested, they were taken to Abu Ghreb prison in order to be tortured or/and killed.  Those people who met this rope didn’t meet life anymore.  Do you know why?  because they were killed through hanging.  Their lives were ended!!!
When I see this rope, I remember those innocent people who were killed by it; I remember those innocent beautiful flowers who were hung because they were Kurdish. They had lost their lives before they met the beauty of life, the love of their moms and dads, the affection of their parents, the value of being a human, the right of being a free citizen, and they lost everything else.

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  1. Not the Kurdish people only
    The Baath Party and Saddam were Killing machine