Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Worst Year Ever

The Worst year ever
People have different ideas about the worst year that has ever happened in the history of human beings. But, without any hesitations and doubts, I can tell you which year is the worst year because it is obvious. Why is it clear to me but not for others? It is because I know what has happened in History.
I do believe that 1258 is the year that was marked in history as the worst year that has ever faced this world.  What made it the worst year? This is a great question. Let me clarify what happened in 1258. As it is known in history, Muslims have made one age, which is called “The Golden Age” that Muslims are proud of. The Abbasid Caliphate made the golden age.
Before 1258, Islam reached its apex, which was the most beautiful age of Islam. Why do we call it the Golden Age? It is Because, it was the year when the world saw the beautiful age of Islam. Islam had a lot of scholars; they did their best till they got the golden age. Also, there were many libraries that were the source of information for people.
However, in 1258, the golden age was over. Why? Unfortunately, in 1258, the Mongols attacked Baghdad, which was the center of intellectuals, destroyed everything. The troops of Mongols didn’t care about anything except killing people and devastating the Baghdad. Estimates of the number of inhabitants massacred during the invasion range from 100,000 to 1,000,000. The city was sacked and burned. History showed that the brutal troops of Mongol massacred too many people including those scholars who gave birth to the Golden Age. The killed people and threw them into the river till the color of the water was changed to red. Can you believe that?
Also, the Mongols destroyed all the libraries in Baghdad as I said.  Then they tore all the books, which were the source of information. They threw all the books including the valuable ones into the river; then the color of river was changed to blue because of the inks used to write the books.  Can you believe that?
Besides, the devastation of Golden Age hasn’t been recovered yet. This is another reason that marked 1258 the worst year.  Unfortunately, after 1258, Islam lost its golden age, and we have been trying to recover and get back our Golden Age, but Unfortunately, we haven’t reached that age.  That is why I am saying 1258 was, is, and will be the worst year ever.  Therefore, No one has tendency to see that year again.

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  1. Thank you for writing this article. c: This helped me a lot with my timeline project. I was assigned 1258 and I could barely find anything in the textbook.