Monday, February 20, 2012

I don’t require you to give me any rights, but I do require you to give me back my rights.

My Dear Government:
I don’t require you to give me any rights, but I do require you to give me back my rights.
It is undeniable human beings have many rights that belong to them naturally.  When we are born, we are given many rights, such as the freedom of speech and the freedom of expressing thoughts. These rights have been given to us at the exact time when we are born or even previously; thus we are the owners of our rights, not the government. My rights aren’t something that have been provided by my government, but they are something I am born with at the birth time. However, we are Kurds living in Kurdistan; we have been deprived of our own rights ever since. My dear government and political parties have restricted our natural rights- the rights that we are born with. We have rights; we want to get our rights back as soon as possible.
For that reason, we don’t ask or require our government to give us any rights, but we only ask them to give us back our rights, we only ask them: Please, let us meet our own rights- the rights that we have right to have and to talk about.
Unfortunately, in this region- Kurdistan, we have lost our rights- well, it is not exactly like that, but our rights have been taken by someone who is called, “Dear Government”.  My dear government:  I have one message for you.  Please, try to understand it.
Here is the message:
Let people be free as we are free at the time of being born.
Don’t give people any rights, but Let them meet their own rights.
Let people be who they are
Don’t restrict people’s lives any more
And, don’t let others to devastate our country.
I am really wondering to know when you- My Dear Government- will let us be free, be the owners of our rights, be who we should be, and be  who we are.
You may be surprised when you read this article because we may think: it is not government that restricts peoples’ lives, but it is the political parties.  I know that is true. However, our government is run by our political parties; that is why I am calling them, “My dear Government,” rather than my dear Political Parties…….. Thank you!!!

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