Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why Are Disbelievers Rich? But, Muslims Mostly Poor!!! Does God Hate Muslims, but Loves Disbelievers?

Why Are Disbelievers Rich?  But, Muslims Mostly Poor!!! Does God Hate Muslims, but Loves Disbelievers?

In other words, when God makes a person rich, when God gives too much money to a person, when God makes a person very wealthy though he- the rich person- is disbeliever, does that mean God Loves him? 

Many people have complained although they believe in God and worship him, still they don’t have what disbelievers have, and they don’t enjoy life how disbelievers do. Dears, if we go back to Quran, we can get the answer, realize what the answer is.  I know you are Muslim, but poor.  Also, there are some people who don’t believe in God, but affluent. Dears, let’s take a look at Quran and see what it says.  In Sura Al-Zukhruf,/ Aya-33-35 /Juz 25

Had it not been that all people would become one community (of unbelievers), We might have given those who disbelieve in Ar-Rahman roofs of silver for their dwellings and (silver) stairs for mounting, (33) And doors (of silver) for their houses, (silver) couches for reclining, (34) And ornaments of gold. But all this would have been nothing but the vanity of this world. The Hereafter with your Lord is for those who take heed for themselves and follow the straight path. (35)

Therefore, being rich shouldn’t be the goal of our life because this life is too short to live for, but we should try to be rich in worshiping God for the Day of Judgment.  Why do we want to have a good but very short life here? 

This life is specifically for those who don’t care about the hereafter; they want to have everything here, and when they die, everything will be gone. However, Muslims have chosen the other life because it will be everlasting. I personally don’t sell the everlasting life by this short life. In fact, Muslims can have both this life and the hereafter. What they need is to care about what God told them through Quran, and how the prophet Muhammad (Pease be upon him) advised them to live in life. If we follow our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) completely, there is no doubt, we will have a good life here and in the hereafter.
God Bless All Muslims around the whole world. 

If I have said anything wrong, it is from Satan, not from my perfect Religion- Islam.

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