Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why does a mere child cry when he has just been born?

I Don’t Remember The Time When I was Born, But I Do Know When I Was Born, I Was Crying.
People should ask themselves a question and they should sleep on it if they want to get the reality of an important situation.  This is the question: Why does a mere child cry when he has just been born?

Before people are born, they have a special place inside their mothers’ chest. That place is their indigenous location. But, when the time of being born comes, they have to leave their indigenous land and appear in a completely different life. They have to leave their special soil where there is no pain, inequality, unfairness, oppression, and hate; and they have to deal with this life where it is full of pain, sorrow, oppression, inequality, hate, and regrets made by people. It is very logical to say: the main and mere reason that makes one day child weep is leaving their indigenous place and come to live in another life.

See, this answer tells us how difficult leaving your native place is. After a few years, people get used to living in this life, thus they love it a lot and even think this life is their indigenous land even though it isn’t. Therefore, I advise people not to live their native place any more because that will make them cry regardless of age, nation, race and area. When one wants to live their original place, they should think about the time when they were born.  They should see how difficult leaving their place in their moms’ chest is.

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