Saturday, February 11, 2012


What is Trust? 
According to Oxford, Trust is the belief that some body/something is good, sincere, and honest,etc and won't try to harm or trick you. Unfortunately, many people don't know what trust is; even they don't care about it though trust is able to form an utopia and dystopia society.
Have you known that Trust is like a paper. Once it is crumpled, it can't be perfect any more. Therefore, we have to be careful with the term Trust. We have to play with it very cautiously. And, We must know: Once a person loses his or her trust, he is lost in every part.
it is indisputable that trust and life are inseparable; they can't be completed without each other. It is true that once a person loses his trust, he loses his life as well, and vice versa. For that reason, We Iraqi people most specifically Kurds must try to be trustworthy if we want to make our country Utopia. we should encourage people to trust us based on our loyalty, and we should trust others based on their honesty. we should keep our promise in order to be trustworthy. You should always remember that Life is interesting when people trust you; however, if others don't trust you, hell would be better than this life.
Trust is like a mirror; once it is broken, it is gone.  Therefore, we must protect it from being broken if we want to maintain the existence of trust in our heart and life.

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