Sunday, September 4, 2011

I don’t think there is a person whose mind is as busy as mine.

I don’t think there is a person whose mind is as busy as mine.                                                  

Sometimes, I can’t sleep because of my busy mind.  I know you now have a question: “what makes you busy? “ The answer of your question is easier than how you expect.  In Kurdistan, there are thousands of reasons that make people’s minds busy.  I can’t explain all of them because as I said they are almost countless.  Here, I will explain some vital reasons that have had bad effects on my lovely life and make me busier than usual.

1)  The first one is political reasons that have many different braches. 

The first branch is local problems.  Kurdistan has local problems that make troubles for the lives of people, especially poor people.  It is unquestionable that domestic issues make big problems for the residents living in their countries.  When those parties that run our countries have problems, of course, they become the source of problems for people in their regions.  Peoples’ minds can be made busy by those ideological differences.  Therefore, if our domestic governments don’t solve those problems that exist in our lives, we may not only be busy but be mad. 

The second one is neighboring countries.  Unfortunately, Kurdistan has some neighbors which have been trying to invade.  For example, Turkey is a neighbor of Kurdistan.  Turkey has made their strength better to invade our lovely country.  Their attacks have been ongoing to destroy Kurdistan’s nice views.  Even though they don’t say that their attacks are to conquer our country, their actions clearly tell us; wise people and honest politician can understand their deeds easily.  Therefore, this is another big factor that makes my mind busy.

Iran is another neighboring country that makes their power stronger to vanish Kurds and Kurdistan in the world.  Although this is an unsuccessful dream of Iran, it still makes me busy because I have thought about this situation a lot and have made me sad.  There is no doubt when a person thinks about problems which exists in their lives, he or she can’t be happy and live without thinking about the issues around him or her. That is why the attacks of our dishonest and neighboring countries have made my mind busy, unfortunately.

2)_I may explain the second reason in the following days.


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