Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Get Your Answer For Three Questions That You May Not Have Thought About Before.

 It Is Time to Reveal Three Significant Questions.
1- From where did we come?
This is a question which should have been asked and answered many years ago, but it didn't.  Now you and I have been asked this question.  I will answer this question according to my knowledge.
Where were we two hundred years ago?
Tow hundred years ago, we weren't here and we weren't made.  But, where did we come?  Were we came form a drop of water.  Did you know we were  created from a drop of water?  You may ask: how is  it possible?  it is easier than how you think because it is God's decision.  We should know that whatever God wants to occur will occur in a second or less.  Therefore, human beings were created and came from a drop of water.
2- Why are we here?
it is also a vital question.  Its answer is very very easy, but it is difficult to apply for those people who haven't tasted Islam and worshiping God.  It is undeniable that the answer is: We are here to worship God.  If someone asks:  should we just worship God and do nothing else?  The answer is "Yes".  there is averse in Qur'an says" Humans and devils are made only to worship God-Almighty.  however, there is another crucial question: What is worshiping God?  Is it just praying and fasting in Ramadan?  the answer is "No".  Whatever you do for the sake of God is worshiping God. Also, what kinds of occupation you apply that God agrees with is worshiping God. So, don't marginalize worshiping God In Praying and fasting.  Worshiping God, which is the point of our existence and the answer of our second question, is any thing that is done for the sake of God and God lets you perfume.
3- Where are we going?
This question is the final question. the answer of this question is apparent and almost every one knows.  Where are we going? We are going to die.  We are going to leave this life.  We are going to leave what we have in this life. We are going to leave Our money, Property, Friends, Family members including our lovely moms and dads, and this life.  So, there is no doubt that we will leave every thing that we own.  That is why i say we shouldn't love this life because it will end in a point, but no one knows when, where, and how except God.
Where are we going after death?  We are going to the in the next life- Hereafter.  There will be two places: Paradise and Hell.  So, our final destination will be Paradise or Hell.  It is in our hands to choose each of them.  if you want to get Paradise, you must follow the right path, which is the path of Islam.  Nevertheless, if you want to get Hell, you can follow your path and the path of Satan- devils.

Forgive me if i made a mistake.

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