Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Strange Feeling from the Deepest Part of my Hear says" Happy Eid" Eid mubarak

Happy Eid
Sometimes, we want to say something, but our feelings don’t let us because what we want to say about our friends is not enough to be said. Our feelings are stronger toward our friends.  Our feelings want to show more respect and revere to our friends.  They say that wanting to say good things about our lovely friends is not enough, but the warmest feeling that comes from our hearts may be great enough to display towards our companions. Therefore, a warm feeling from the deepest part of my heart comes and is in a hurry to say “Happy Eid” to you all-  Those who fasted for the sake of God.  I invoke God accepts our worship and protect us from Hell.  I want you all have a great time in the holy Eid.  Be happy with these days.  Please, try to visit those who you know including your relatives, friends and other Muslims.   If you don’t speak with someone because you fought with him or her, please, visit him or her for God’s sake.  Forgive him and her.  Then you will get the charity, God welling.    Again, be happy and remember what should be done in This Holy Eid.

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