Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whether American Troops leave Iraq or not

Whether American Troops leave Iraq or not

Even though people have diffenrent opinions about this question- whether American troops leave Iraq, the answer is obvious.  The right and unstable is America won't leave Iraq.  Now, I am sure you are in hurry to know why American troops won't leave Iraq.  There are many factors that convice us American troops will remain in Iraq forever. 
The first reason is that Iraq has many owners including America.  We Iraqis know that America thinks it is the first owner of Iraq.  They have an excuse for their speech.  They say, "We American troops freed Iraq".  If we remember eight years ago, we were treated very harshly by Saddam; but the invation of Iraq ended Saddam's harsh and severe deeds toward Kurds. Now, America says that America got freedom for Iraq; therefore, they have right to stay in Iraq.  Some Americans even say Iraq should be joined to the USA because it is a place where America ended the power of dictatoship.  American troops got liberty for Iraq, especailly Kurds, so they have right to stay in  Iraq for internal.
The second reason is terrorists.  Terror is the idea of hurting people harshly.  It is the people's responsibilty to save their country from evey possible attacks.  For example, our country has faced many attacks that have been done by terrorists.  Terrorsits have attacked our lovely country- Iraq in various ways, such as explosion and kidnap. We need to stop this action somehow.  America says its trrops should stay in Iraq in order to stop and eradicate terror.  on the other hand, the prime minister of Iraq- Maleky is totally against this idea. Maleky says American troops must leave Iraq because there is a contract between Iraq and America. The contract says" the whole American troops must leave Iraq till the end of 2011.  But, again America says" we freed Iraq and won't leave it".  That is why Americans feel responsiblity to protect Iraq from internal and external attacks.
I will give you an example to clarify the second reason.  When a person is responsible to look after a family, he will do every suitable thing to save them and let them live cheerfully and safely because he is the one who is responsible to take care of the family members.  Meanwhile, America's attitude is like the person who is mentioned recently.  America says it is its responsiblity to protect Iraq from every potential dangers including terrorist attacks.  SO, IF protecting Iraq from every attacks is America's duty, they must stay in Iraq to fuifill this duty.
Indeed, i have said alot, but more hasn't been said.  In one sentence, according to my perspective, American troops won't leave Iraq forever because they think they own Iraq and are responsible to save it.

By- Hersh


  1. Mr Hersh let;s go back to the most basic root concept of this idea. Who had brought this dictator i mean Sadam first to be in power of the country which you call? it was not my father who did so!!!

  2. I guess it was America, but i don't know what you mean.