Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What you and I need to be awar of is written here.

Try to know every one, but don't be friendly with all of them.  Try to be familiar with every place, but don't go or visit all the places.  Attempt to see every thing,  but don't believe in all what you see.  Listen to every one, but don't obey or follow all of them.  If you are about to die because of cold weather, don't wear the clothes of  dishonest people.  If you perish because of being thirsty, don't drink a kind of water that marginalizes you.  Even if you sink in river, don't go over the bridge of bad, dishonest, and selfish people.   When someone breaks your heart, don't break his or her heart  because no one can fix or solve a mistake by perfuming another mistake in return.  Don't let yourself laugh at people when they are crying, and don't let others laugh at you when you are crying.  Don't say a word toward someone if you don't want to be told that word." Treat Others As You Want Them To Treat You."   Don't take people's right, and don't allow people to take your right.  Don't reveal people's secrets, and don't let others reveal your secrets.  Try not to have a dream, which is impossible to fulfill.  Don't wait for the circumstances and events to change you, but you must change them how you want.Try to choose appropriate words and speech before you speak, and when you make a mistake while speaking, don't blame you thought because it isn't its false but yours because you didn't contemplate about it before saying.  Simultaneously, it is a good idea to get help when you are in need, but don't invoke of people's help because it is better to save your famousness and respect rather than getting people's help by invoking.  Don't accept help from someone who isn't a grateful person.

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