Monday, September 12, 2011

Banaz, who was another butterfly, was killed

Even though she killed herself, she was killed, in reality.  Most of us have heard the story of Dada Banaz Juad- a girl who was from Hawler.  Banaz was a girl who was living in Hawler. She was ecstatic because she graduated from an Administration department almost two years ago.  She was waiting to be employed and start her serve in her country.  After waiting for two years, she was sure that being an employed is just an unfulfillable dream.  Till a few days ago, she had a hope to be hired in an office or organization.  But, her dreams were gone when the names of new employees were declared.  When she knew her name was  again missing in  the list of employees, she decided to suicide herself.  She realized that death is better than living in a place where educated people don't deserve to be employed.  Before she was told that her name was missing in the list of new employees, she had had a few choices, such as life, death, non of them, or both of them.  however, then she lost all of her choices except one, which was death. In a recorder, she explained the reason of killing herself.  She clearly said that she doesn't have any domestic or social problem.  But, She washed her hands of being an employee and life, and she realized that life in grave is better than lives on earth because there is a fair rule in grave and Hereafter that isn't biased.  i am crying, but i am forcing myself to finish this nice but sad story. sorry mates, i can't write more about her heroic life, but i will reveal something else.  if you remember what i said in the beginning of this article, i said Banaz was killed- in reality.  how so?  when any sane and wise person hears or is told the story of Banaz's death, he or she will understand that Banaz neither killed herself in order to be comfortable,  nor did she want to make her poor mother sad and disappointed.  But, i am sure she didn't want to die or put herself on fire; she was forced to kill herself, which means she was killed.  who is responsible for her death?  it is obvious that our government is the first one who is responsible for her death.  why?  our government is responsible for giving jobs to those people who graduated from any official university or institutes. And, our government didn't give her any job after graduating for two years, so the consequence of Government's action is Banaz's story.  If she was hired, she wouldn't kill herself, but now every thing was gone.  Now, our government not only can't give a simple occupation to Banaz, but also they can't see her corpse because it was buried yesterday- 11/9/2011.   I invoke our government to think about the mystery of Banaz'a death.  I want to tell our government that if they don't solve this problem, which is ignoring educated and graduated people, the destination of other people will not be much different form Banaz's destination.

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  1. Mr Hersh!! you are definatly right in some cases. this has made me be about to internally cry. the only thing i am jumbled about is that you have said that she is living in heaven chosen by herself. However, YOU know and i know that all kinds of killing even euthanasia, in a state terminal illness, caused by human beings, are religiously and logically illegalized . How could you match them since she committed suicide. i will again appreciate your explanation as you know beter than i do in things like that.... thanks