Saturday, March 17, 2012

Have You Known that Politics and Religion Are Inseparable?

In the name of Allah
Have You Known that Politics and Religion Are Inseparable?
This is still very debatable. People argue whether religion should be separated from Politics. Many people, especially the atheists argue that Politics and Religion are two different notions; thus they should be divided. They also insist that Politics should be used in the daily affairs whereas Religion should be imprisoned in Mosques.
But, I do believe that Religion and Politics are Inseparable. Non of them can be complete without the other. 

Politics is necessary to arrange society, but it must follow a set of rules that are appropriate for all the society.  Rules that give right and equality to all people regardless of race, nationality, gender, color and occupation, must be passed fairly and justly.  Who gave right to all people, black white, male female, nice ugly, clever lazy, and old young?  God is the only and mere person who is able to do so.

Therefore, God told us what to do, how to live, and how to act. Politics needs the rules announced by God. Here is one thing, if religion is separated from Politics, then we need a person to make rules and pass them. 
Which one is better: following the rules and laws passed by God or the laws passed by a biased person or even a great unbiased person?  It is unquestionable that if not all, most people(all rational people) claim that we should be ruled by God’s laws.  
Yet, people claim that Religion should be imprisoned in mosques.  Religion hadn’t come to be jailed in Mosques, but to arrange society, to make people’s life better, to develop peace, to tell people how to live, act, behave, love, and to tell politicians how to treat those people who are under their power and authority. 
If you still argue that religion should be separated from Politics, this means that you accept rules that are passed by a person, not God!!!!  If you think the rules passed by a person, not God, is fairer and or better than God’s laws, this is Shirk!!!!! God protect us…..


  1. Religious fundamentalism has repeatedly eroded the justice system of this country, and other countries around the world. Politics will always be a reflection of religion. Thanks a lot.

    Religion And Politics

  2. I am happy since you find my article helpful and interesting.