Saturday, October 29, 2011

Did You Stop for a while and asked yourself!!!

There some thing that you may have never thought about.  If you want to be aware of what you need to be aware of, it is a great chance for you to read it.  Believe me, it is worth- reading.

Did You Stop for a while and asked yourself!!!
What is going to happen to me the first night in my grave?
What have I prepared to death?
Will I be in Heaven or Hell fire?
How often do I remember death?
Think about the moment your body is being washed and prepared to enter your grave….
Think about the day people will be carrying your corpse to your grave….
And your families crying.. think about the moment you are put in you grave.
Just imagine.. imagine yourself in your grave;  Down there in that dark hole.
ALONE…It’s too DARK… you cry for help, but there is no body to answer… No body can help you… It is also too NARROW.  Your bones are squashed.
YOU regret all the bad things you have done during your life..
YOU regret the orders of ALLAH…
YOU regret missing the 5 prayers.
YOU regret ignoring JIHAD against KUFFAR- Unbelievers.
YOU regret your disrespectful manners towards everyone, especially your parents. 
                YOU- MUSLIMERS- regret not wearing your HIJAB- Veil.
YOU regret ignoring the knowledge of Islam...
YOU regret all the bad things you have done…
There is no escape … you will face your punishment for every little thing you have done.
YOU are ALONE in your grave with your deeds… NO MONEY … NO JEWLERIES.  Nothing Only your deeds- what you have done before.
AND when it is SHUT, I mean when your grave is closed, You feel like screaming and telling every one not to go…. To stay beside your grave...BUT, You can’t be heard.  They leave you, they go.  You hear their footsteps clearly…And hear them crying…
They walk away…..
YOU thought you would last forever in this world.  YOU thought you will stay with your friends and Families for eternal…YOU thought you will have fun forever….
NO You were Wrong!!!!
They let you be Alone.
 JUST, spend few minutes and look at your future home…. 
And spend the whole of your life preparing for them…
Your Future Home All Alone
You can’t afford to ignore this, you need to remember this every minutes.
 Every hour, everyday, every time you are about to commit a sin, remember this destroyer of pleasures:  Death
FED to friends if you aren’t selfish.

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