Thursday, December 1, 2011

He Spoke Up In an American University in the State. Just Take a look.

I do believe that Everyone Must Look at this Video In order to learn”…………..” fill it out.
Have you ever encountered any situation in which people have called Islam- terrorists?  If you have, did you have any reaction?  Could you explain that Islam is against terrorists and does support peace?
Look, at an Iraqi student from one of the American Universities in the State.  Look at him and see how brave he is.  We usually hear people saying not only bad words, but the worst words about our religions- Islam, and still we are quite.  What are we waiting for?  Can’t we answer?  Or, don’t we want to answer whether because we don’t have a great deal of information about our religion or we are afraid of expressing the realities?   Come on, people????
We shouldn’t have been like that, and we shouldn’t be.  I have heard professors blaming Islam and almost everything what Islam agrees with.  I have also seen your reaction, which was “laughing.”  Why don’t you speak up?  I just want to know what you are waiting for.  Look at this guy, and learn how to speak against those people who can’t see your religion.

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